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Find torrents and view their extensive details
Bit Che v3.6.0.2
25 Nov 2016
Bit Che v3.5.0.50
19 Jan 2015
Bit Che v3.0.10
6 May 2014
Bit Che v2.0.60
31 Aug 2012
Bit Che v2.0.0060b
2.0.0060 β
22 Aug 2012
Bit Che v1.0.60
27 Feb 2008
Editorial review

What's new

v3.5.0.50 [19 Jan 2015]
New htmldecode() script function to covert &#html; chars to strings
New notify() function for popup notifications (see Synology script)
New mergeurl() function to better support combinging domains and pages
Improved debugger engine improvements, unicode support, run button added, multipage info added, #comment line support
Improved utf8decode function now supports custom code page
Fixed script engine parsing bug.

v3.0.10 [6 May 2014]
- able to fetch results from searches with multiple pages (requires Bit Che Plus and scripts to be updated, and setting ENABLED in Preferences)
- allows sending torrents/magnets to external applications or servers (Synology, uTorrent Remote, Trans. Remote GUI, etc) - thanks skywalka & regi100
- support for RSS (through custom scripts) built into Coffee Cups. See the example script in %appdir%\scripts\other\coffee\ (if you want to use, Personal then edit your User_ID).
- export results list to .CSV file - thanks rgrun1
- script engine function 'resubmit' to allow url resubmitting/redirection/forwarding
- added option to auto scrape torrent on (View Torret Details dialog)
- create Magnet link for torrent (now under 'More' button) (View Torret Details dialog)
- added languages, coffee scripts, and external scripts to the default pack
- added flag to freeze scripts to prevent updating (and override to force)
- 'Save Torrent', 'Open Torrent', and 'Open Torrent With' actions from results list now support multi code sections to fetch torrent/magnet (as 'View Torrent' dialog does)
- supports http redirection to a magnet link while fetching url
- does not fetch torrent again if already loaded for 'View Torrent' dialog (duh! reduces bandwidth and speeds up torrent launching)
- modified size filters to be more practical
- added 3 more result context menu actions - open with external, copy result name to clipboard, and launch google search
- results list mouse middle click now supports new context menu options
- allows search request to use POST
- profile editor reworked - thanks Bovski
- support for Basic HTTP Authentication for login sites
- added a new script header flag "initialize=1" which will trigger the code section labeled [initialize] to be processed before beginning the search.
- allows the ability to modify any of the search variables, including new @search, @profile and also use the read-only $descriptions (1 if turned on and 0 if turned off).
- some language translation widths and heights based on feedback from gojko and Exoskeletor (thanks guys!)
- added 'cookie' and 'referer' support for cache sites
- torrent scrape error detection
- fixed: torrent hash parsing/calc (finally fixed bencoding issue)
- fixed: torrent scrape for private sites
- fixed: 'Locate' button in the script debugger for 'find() and extract()'
- fixed: urlencode function and properly urlencode the @search
- fixed: properly ignores scripts without given profile search url (even if set with '/') - thanks bovski
fixed: allows search profiles set with '/' to use main search profile url when manually enabled - thanks bovski
fixed: fetching URLs prefixed with '//' to use HTTP or HTTPs protocol based on referer
fixed: HTTP authentication error (bug in winhttp - seen on Windows 8.1)
fixed: cookies lost on redirection request (seen on Windows 8.1)
fixed: not detecting certain .torrent handlers applications - thanks BugMagnet
fixed: search with forced 'referer' for login sites
fixed: other minor bugs

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